Killarney Provincial Park Wilderness Canoe Trips & Backcountry Camping

We have a variety of services and options for campers and canoe trippers.

Shuttle Service:

Wanting to explore the deep interior of Killarney Provincial Park could mean an exhausting paddle. We offer a shuttle service, which picks you up at the Lang Lake insertion point and brings you, your canoes and your gear 15.5 miles to Bear Lake. Depending on wind and the canoe tripper’s strength, this shuttle services can eliminate as much as two full days of hard canoeing (1 day in & 1 day out). This way you can relax and explore the beauty of Killarney Park and not spend your whole vacation tired. From Bear Lake, there are many main canoe routes shooting out into the deep interior. Eliminating 2 full days of hard paddling means you can use the time to have fun or go deeper into the park.

Canoe Rentals:

We rent 15-foot Quetico Model Aluminum Canoes. These canoes are 53 pounds, which are heavier than a Kevlar canoes, but they are more durable and many times more stable in the water. These are great canoes for fishing and when you go out exploring from where you have set up camp, you can do so and not worry about a “tippy” canoe.


You can buy the regular permits and camp out in the interior of the park. Those permits are sold at the MNR office at the park entrance. If you want to camp out in the wilderness but still want showers, access to an emergency phone, running water and more, we have set up a really nice campsite on an island, which is not too far from the lodge. This way you can camp in the wilderness but still have some security and comforts. Our campsite is perfect for introducing the wilds of Ontario to your young children or a safe place to be if someone in your group is physically challenged or may need emergency access to a hospital due to other health problems.

  • Ontario Parks reservation line 1-888-668-7275
  • Ontario Parks Internet reservations: ontarioparks.com
  • Call contact us for our campsites near the lodge