Ontario Largemouth Bass Fishing

Ontario has some lakes with spectacular Largemouth Bass fishing and Bear Lake happens to be one of the best. Many folks think of bass as a southern fish. Contemplate that thought while catching bass after bass. Many of our anglers will duct tape their thumb in order to finish the week fishing. When you spend a warm summer's day on Bear Lake and you are catching bass after bass, you will think you are fishing on a private reservoir that has been stocked to the brim. Bass fishing is our best fishery and our bass population is natural. Some of the largest Largemouth Bass ever taken in Ontario have come from our lake or the many remote bass-stuffed lakes, which encircle Bear Lake.

The previous owner used to offer a Guide Service Guarantee. He would take a group out and if they did not catch 200 bass (Smallmouth & Largemouth), that day's guide service was on the house. Bear Lake is one of those lakes where you just catch so many you lose count. Bear Lake has great structure for Largemouth Bass. Part of that structure is bays where you will find lily pads, cattails and stumps. Traditional methods like Carolina Rigs or Texas Rigs work well in the thick weeds. Small Rapalas, Black Mepps Spinners and small Crank Baits work well on the outside of the weeds. Sometimes a float with a worm or a minnow works best.

Largemouth Bass in our lake and the surrounding lakes are common in the 1 to 3 pound range. There are lots of 4 pound bass but they are less frequent. Don't worry, Largemouth Bass up to 8-pounds are in our lake but they are rare.

Largemouth Regulations

  • Season Opens 4th Saturday in June to Nov 30
  • Limits - Sport License - 6 per Day - (6 in possession)
  • Limits - Conservation License - 2 Per Day - (2 in possession)

    Below are three pictures showing some of the awesome Largemouth Bass bays that we have.

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