Directions & Contact Information:


Bear Lake Wilderness Camp
PO Box 5262
Espanola, Ontario
P5E 1S3
Phone: (502) 565-6221
Season: (May to October)

Winter (Hibernation Home)

Major Bill Drane (USAR)
7100 Ridgeway Circle
Pendleton, KY 40055

Reservations: (502) 565-6221
Cell Phone: (502) 565-6221
Email: Major_Drane@aol.com

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Getting Here:

From your home, you will travel to Lang Lake outside of Espanola, Ontario. Espanola is approximately 150 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie on Hwy 17.

Once at Espanola, follow Hwy 6 South to our Lang Lake pick-up point. If you are traveling from Toronto, follow Hwy 400/69 North out of Toronto. Then take Hwy 17 West through Sudbury to Espanola. At Espanola, take Hwy 6 South to Lang Lake.

Lang Lake Landing is approximately 12 miles south of Espanola on Highway 6. In addition to being our pickup point, Lang Lake Marina has secure parking for your vehicle. Current cost for parking is $45 per week per car or truck. Trailers and boat launches are extra.

You will be able to drive onto the dock and unload your vehicle directly into our transport boat. Once we are loaded, we will begin our journey of 16 miles (47 minutes) to the far end of Bear Lake. We will proceed through 5 lakes connected by the Whitefish River. This scenic trip affords your first look at the primal beauty of our wilderness. Transportation to and from dock is free on Saturday mornings only. All other trips back to Lang Lake are $90 per trip.

I have updated the table below. Some of the distances were incorrect. I have added some towns and deleted other also.

Canadian Wilderness... an easy drive away



Driving Time

Buffalo NY

371 miles

6 hrs 33 min

Charleston WV

810 miles

12 hrs 19 min

Chicago IL

610 miles

9 hrs 21 min

Cincinnati OH

727 miles

10 hrs 52 min

Cleveland OH

555 miles

8 hrs 56 min

Columbus OH

675 miles

12 hrs 19 min

Detroit MI

485 miles

7 hrs 17 min

Fort Wayne IN

560 miles

8 hrs 35 min

Grand Rapids MI

446 miles

7 hrs 07 min

Indianapolis IN

673 miles

10 hrs 06 min

Lansing MI

427 miles

6 hrs 47 min

Lexington KY

807 miles

11 hrs 55 min

Louisville KY

798 miles

11 hrs 57 min

Pittsburgh PA

586 miles

9 hrs 17 min

Green Bay WI

434 miles

7 hrs 46 min

Milwaukee WI

551 miles

9 hrs 23 min

Saint Louis  MO

882 miles

13 hrs 03 min

Nashville TN

967 miles

14 hrs 11 min

Bloomington IL

724 miles

10 hrs 53 min